Sipoholon Hot Springs - The Biggest Thermal Bath in North Sumatra

Sipoholon Hot Springs - The Biggest Thermal Bath in North Sumatra
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For many Indonesian travelers, North Sumatra is a once-in-a-lifetime destination to visit. If you want to know what place must be seen besides Lake Toba, here is Sipoholon Hot Springs.

The Sipoholon Hot Springs in one of the best places to go in North Tapanuli Regency. Sipoholon is about six hours by car from Medan and only 43 minutes from Silangit International Airport. This tourist destination is made of more than 10 nature baths between Situmeang Habinsaran Village and Tarutung City.
sipoholon hot springs via nieniebom
Established in 1980, The Sipoholon Hot Springs occur due to volcanic activity of Mount Martimbang which is nestled at 1.800 meters above sea level. Shaded by mountain view and lush, The spring usually averages around 39,2 - 64,2 degrees. Its a perfect destination all year round, also suitable for small children and family.

What's there to do in Sipoholon Hot Springs?

Across many cultures, hot springs have been known as the healing powers of mineral rich waters. It can increase our metabolism and mental stress. Hence, this tourist spot is often visited by tourists even on a normal day.

There are some hot springs that have already well-managed. Each of providing private pool and good facilities. However, you can also enjoy the sensation of traditional-public hot springs around Situmeang Habinsaran Village.

We have some wonderful selection you might need to try in The Sipoholon Hotspring.

1. Thermal Bath USK Hineni
usk hineni via agus susanto
It's fair to say that Thermal Bath USK Hineni is one of the most relaxing place to help you rejuvenate your mind and body. It's not surprising that people choose this hot springs because here, tourists will find a peaceful environment, beautiful landscape view and sulfuric water pool.

Opened for 24 hours, the entrance ticket is only IDR10k/person. Except on national holidays tho!

This nature bath decorated beautifully like a small park. While soaking in the pool area, you can enjoy mountain range view in the distance. Anyway, don't forget to order mie gomak from restaurant, a delicious traditional noodles of Tapanuli.

2. Pemandian Air Panas Lehu
lehu hot spring water park via ramos buea
Unlike the other springs around North Sumatra, this newly built water park in Sipoholon Hot Springs offers different atmosphere. Here, you can find water play from authentic thermal pool to water slides . It would make you be a happy person during your visit!

Located in Pendidikan Garaga Street, Situmeang, local people usually call this place "Pemandian Air Panas Lehu".

The constant temperature here about 39,6 degrees and it could warm your body from the cold weather. Additionally, there some fun-filled activities you should do with kiddos, such as playing water bicycle or fishing together in pond area.

Not enough? please choose the other best one like Tamaro Hot Springs, Air Panas Hutabarat, Sihol and many others more. All the places mentioned have some large public pools, restaurant and decent facilities also.


As the largest thermal bath in the southern of North Sumatra Province. In fact, Sipoholon Hot Spring also known as geothermal area of Martimbang Mt. Since a few years ago, it has even been used to supply geothermal electricity in North Tapanuli District.
the sulfur water in limestone hill psteudeo
Therefore, this place's not popular for soaking only, but often visited for educational and geotourism purposes.

Lastly, it has been valued for it's unique landscape. That's why, you should go to see the limestone hill area where the natural hot spring rises from ground. There, the water temperature can boil an egg only in 3 minutes.

Without a doubt, the white-colored-limestone is the most adorable scenery in Sipoholon Hotspring.

But ff you need accommodations, Tarutung's hotels, inn and resort are next to Sipoholon Hotspring. But if you want the nearest one, good services and hospitality, we suggest you to stay in Sere Nauli Hotel or Boli-boli Hotel.


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