Sipiso-piso Waterfall: Things You Should Know Before Visiting

Sipiso-piso Waterfall: Things You Should Know Before Visiting
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For your Medan bucket list adventure, Sipiso-piso Waterfall which is located in Karo, about 34 km from Brastagi, has become one of Lake Toba's most famous tourist attraction, with beautiful view all around it and also surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

Touted as the most beautiful waterfall in North Sumatra. The waterfall is about one hundred and twenty metres high. The Sipiso-piso is an easy waterfall to find. However, to see it closer requires a lil bit effort. Because all visitor must pass a path made from flat stones, more than 500 stairs to get to the base.

To help your trip, we've put together some information about the Sipiso-piso Waterfall for you to discover. Check this out!

1. Location And Access

sipiso piso waterfall
sipiso-piso waterfall is best place for your medan bucket list adventure - image via rusli saleh/googlemap
The waterfall it self is located in the nothern side of Tongging Village. Remember that the journey to get there can be a little tiresome, though! First, you can use Damri, a public transport from Medan to the destination - it approximately will spend about 2 hours drive.

Second, after you arrive in Tongging Village and buying a ticket to enter the waterfall at the entrance gate. You still need to walk around 45 minutes to the base. Feel tired of walking and hiking down the falls? just take a rest for a while before continuing the journey.

During the rainy season, the trek is tricky hard and lots of slippery steps. So, prepare yourself for five hundred stone stairs. But if you are not ready enough, we recommend you to enjoy it from a distance. Karo's government had built some view point in the hill tops.

2. History

sipiso-piso waterfall
air terjun sipiso-piso adalah objek wisata di desa tongging, karo - image via badrishah izwan/googlemap
Aptly named, Sipiso-piso means "Knife" in Karonese language. This plunge waterfall type comes from Pajanabolon River and falls through a steep cliff into the biggest lake in Indonesia. According to local people, Sipiso-piso name is also taken from a mountain in west side of the waterfall.

This one thousand metres above sea level waterfall lies on side of Geopark Caldera Toba. Before you see it, the fall water has already famous for local tourist since 90. Once managed b Karo government, this gorgeous destination is increasingly popular.

Best time to visit Sipiso-piso Waterfall is early in the morning, about 09:00 am. The entrance fee is IDR 5.000, or $ 0,35 USD. There are a large parking area near the registration post. Need map? see here: coordinate location

3. What To Do in Sipiso-Piso Waterfall?

Chasing a destination isn't only about watching it from a far, right? Some people also want to swim, find beautiful scene for perfect Instagram feed and also feel the wet adventures. Yes! Sipiso-piso Waterfall is one the very best place for doing those things.

Things that make this nature destination special to be seen is not only because the 120 metres fall water. With mountains and Lake Toba awesome view, Sipiso-piso certainly also knows how to work the camera. And for any photographer who read this article, make sure you bring your best camera to capture the beautiful light!

If you love bathing in clean-fresh-natural water, this place has a gentle scope and ideal for a refreshing dip. The natural spring in this waterfall lust valley is a perfect place to relax and swim. So, you won't totally regret it.

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